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From Colleagues at the University of Toronto

From colleagues at the University of Toronto:

“I am writing to you because I had the opportunity to read the email that you and your colleagues circulated about the shocking situation at the Fine Arts Library at your university.

Myself and my colleagues, Elisa Sze and Kathleen Scheaffer, are academic librarians employed at the Inforum – – which is the library of the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. We find ourselves in a similar situation, albeit on a lesser scale, since our collection (having already being significantly downsized recently) is ~11,000 volumes.

Last year, our dean decided, without any consultation with faculty, students, and ourselves, to remove the books and journals from our library, and disperse them across other libraries in our university’s library system. She made her decision while two of us, including the collections librarian, are on research leave. We have been fighting back against this situation, with the support of students, alumni, and colleagues across the University of Toronto Library System (UTLS). Our library is one of the 44 libraries that make up UTLS.

When we heard about your situation via your email of March 16, 2018, we were shocked, but also heartened to learn that your advocacy efforts have resulted in your provost leaving your library’s fifth floor collection where it is.

We wanted to let you know that we have referenced your situation on the public wiki that we have compiled in order to inform our stakeholders and other interested parties about our own situation, and to advocate that our books and journals stay in our library, where they belong. The removal was slated to happen on May 1, 2018, but that has now been postponed.

Our site is at It includes details about what is happening with our library, support letters we’ve received, a student petition, etc. Our supporters are using the hashtag #SaveTheInforum for social media advocacy. Please feel free to share the link to our wiki with other interested parties as you see fit. My colleagues have been cc:ed on this email.

We wish you the best of luck with your continued efforts”

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