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Report of the Fine Arts Library Task Force, released April 3, 2018

April 3, 2018

‘In (an) effort to address the ongoing concerns about the future of the library, Dean Doug Dempster released a statement to the community, announcing his intention to form two Task Forces: one to explore and evaluate alternatives to having the Fine Arts collection concentrated on the 5th floor of the Doty Fine Arts Building, and another to consider the space needs of new programs and to assess space use in the college. The Dean, “with advice from the Vice Provost and Director of the Libraries and the department chairs of the College, named an 8-member task force to study usage of the Fine Arts Library collection and evaluate a range of possibilities for housing and managing the collection currently concentrated on the fifth floor of the Doty Fine Arts Building.”

The Task Force was given three charges:
• Clarify trends in the management of and accessibility to library materials, especially fine arts libraries, as well as trends in the redesign of library facilities housing academic and research collections.
• Provide data on the size and circulation of the Fine Arts Library collection, as well as information about projected use of the library spaces.
• Identify a range of scenarios for providing access to the materials currently housed on the 5th floor of the Fine Arts Library—including continuing the present configuration—and articulate the merits and demerits of those scenarios.


In a memo to the chair of the task force, the Dean laid out the following expectations:
• The college expects the best and most complete collection affordable—in all relevant media— that serves the research, teaching, and learning needs of our faculty, students, and community.
• We wish for library materials to be readily, rapidly, and reliably accessible with liberal hours.
• While we understand that no existing space is large enough to house the entire collection, our community puts a high value on having collections that can be accessed in “open stacks.”
• Quiet study space, strong technology support, and access to librarians with discipline-specific expertise are also strongly desired. Furthermore, the Dean stated that the Task Force’s role was not to make a decision, or even recommendations, about the disposition of the FAL collection, but rather to “outline a range of feasible scenarios—and the merits and demerits of those options—for ensuring continued, ready access to a continually growing, well preserved collection.” The Task Force met weekly beginning in January 2018 and completed work on March 30, 2018.’

You can read the full report here:

Click to access FAL_task_force_report_final_2018-04-02.pdf

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