Individual Statements

Laura Jorgensen, UT Grad

“As an MM Ethnomusicology graduate and former TA, I am horrified by the idea that future students, faculty, and UT community will not have access to the materials that were immediately necessary for me to teach my students about research skills, and to conduct the research that brought me to UT in the first place. Waiting long periods to access books – or losing access to them altogether – would have made impossible the already anxiety-ridden processes of studying for comprehensive exams, taking directed research courses, designing lectures and activities for students, writing my thesis and semester papers, and so much more. Many of the books that I needed, considering my highly niche area of research, are rare, out of print, and/or otherwise not readily available through other avenues. The thought of these materials languishing in storage or even being shredded because of the lack of frequency with which they are requested is more than heartbreaking to me. Our libraries exist not only to preserve knowledge but to expand and inspire it – something that they cannot do if stripped bare or considered obsolete.”

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