Other Joint Statements

Alumni Statement

The statement below was signed by nearly 400 alumni of the University of Texas at Austin.

15 December 2017

To: Dean Douglas Dempster, Provost Maurie McInnis, President Greg Fenves, Vice-Provost Lorraine Haricombe, Director of UT Libraries; and the Fine Arts Library Task Force

Cc: Art and Art History Department Chair Jack Risley, Theater and Dance Department Chair Brant Pope, and Butler School of Music Director Mary Ellen Poole

From: The University of Texas at Austin’s College of Fine Arts Alumni

Re: Future of the Fine Arts Library

As alumni of the University of Texas at Austin’s College of Fine Arts, we were exceedingly concerned to hear reports from faculty and students (especially those who attended the Town Hall) as well as to read Dean Dempster’s own letter, along with articles in The Daily Texan and The Dallas Morning News, about the proposal to move books out of the Fine Arts Library to make room for new academic programs. We cannot speak to the efficacy of such new programs—either for or against them—but we believe the gutting of physical resources from the library to be a short-sighted and ultimately harmful prospect.

The proposed solution of a “bookless” library would undermine the rigor and innovation that is at the foundation of a Tier-1 research university like UT-Austin. Dean Dempster writes in his letter to the UT-Austin community that the process of relocating books to off-site storage is already in media res and “obviously has not been fatal to our research eminence or educational effectiveness.” We are glad UT-Austin’s reputation has not diminished…yet! And, we write because we worry that it will—and that our pride and confidence in our alma mater to train the next generation of fine arts professionals will as well. Those of us at comparable institutions considering similar questions see the effects of the disinvestment from libraries every day. Many of us have risen to meet this challenge by incorporating units or sessions dedicated to digital research literacy. Paradoxical though it may seem, a key component of digital literacy is recognizing the value of analog resources. This cannot be taught if there are none available. The Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History at the University of Texas at Dallas, certainly understands the significance of analog resources. It recently invested in an art history research library consisting of over 400,000 volumes that will be made available in a new privately funded museum/library on the Dallas campus. Without a fully functional, on-site Fine Arts Library, UT-Austin’s College of Fine Art is certain to not only lose high quality faculty and students to this program but also have its primacy in the state compromised.

It is no secret that many academic institutions are examining how to appropriately meet the challenges of the digital age. Yet, in the post-digital age, books are not merely information. Artists, even “digital artists,” carefully consider the materials they use when constructing their works of art. Digitizing the Fine Arts Library collection will have a deadening and flattening effect on so much rich material. For artists who believe art books to be autonomous works of art in their own right, this move is especially troubling. Photography books from Robert Frank’s seminal 1959 The Americans to LaToya Ruby Frazier’s most recent The Notion of Family were created as art works with a material specificity as exacting as a painter’s choice of canvas, panel, oil, or acrylic. PDFs simply offer a very poor viewer experience that is unintended and sometimes unimaginable to the artists who created them. Also, does education itself have to be a zero-sum game? Why does digitization have to preclude material preservation? New languages are created at the intersections of perceived borders, where our expectations are transcended only through acknowledging our histories. Given, also, that challenges to the digitization of art and visual media have not yet been solved or even sufficiently outlined, to remove or relocate physical visual art resources is quite simply premature and ill-advised.

In warding off criticism of the incipient plan for a bookless Fine Arts Library, Dean Dempster notes that the removal of card catalogues and slide collections, which once held considerable real estate in the art library, were decried in their time. True, we say, but each of those resources pointed back to one thing: books! The card catalogue was replaced by a digital system for finding books, the slide library was a compendium of photographs mostly taken from books and journals. One thing was constant: the assumption of the value of physical books and journals.

Finding a book in the catalogue is only a jumping off point towards exploration within the stacks. Serious students of the fine arts and humanities need to have the ability to browse, to pull fifteen books off the shelf, and to spend as much or as little time with them as they need. Many of us can tell you how frequently a book we came across while looking for something else made a major impact on research or constructing an argument. Books are at the building blocks of the academic enterprise of a College of Fine Arts; removing direct access to these resources undermines this foundation.

We also have grave concerns about Dean Dempster’s statements that advocate for relying on e-books for the research, creative, and teaching needs of the College of Fine Arts. As fine arts professionals in esteemed positions across the world, we cannot overstate the necessity of high quality reproductions of works of art. Art books and exhibition catalogs do not translate adequately into e-publishing formats and e-book readers are seriously lacking in usability. Because of this, there are very few art e-books available for purchase (prominent art publishers report that less than 1% of their books are published as e-books while the Association of American Publishers report that e- book sales are declining). Moreover, art books and exhibition catalogs that are self or independently published by artists and designers for their teaching and research are not typically available in e-publishing formats. These analog resources are critical to the success of the faculty and students in the College, and they cannot be waited on for retrieval from remote storage, especially not from the Joint Library Facility, from which faculty and students have reported experiencing a retrieval time of upwards of ten days.

To return one last time to Dean Dempster’s letter, he writes: “Until further study, no decision has been made about the disposition of the Fine Arts collection and library services in the Doty Fine Arts Building.” We sincerely hope this is the case, and we write in advance of a decision so as to add our voice and to make it clear that any decision that would remove physical resources from the Fine Arts Library would be unacceptable to us. Our education rests on many things: books with high quality reproductions being one of the most important. When your development teams boast about our accomplishments to your donors, or when you quote our job placements in your accreditation metrics, you forget that it was hours spent looking at these books that resulted in such achievements. We write today to remind you of these books—because we certainly have not forgotten them.


Most sincerely,

Erina Duganne (PhD, Art History, 2004), Associate Professor and Area Coordinator for Art History, Texas State University

Andy Campbell (PhD, Art History, 2012), Assistant Professor of Critical Studies, USC-Roski School of Art and Design

Barry Stone (MFA, Studio Art, 2001), Associate Professor and Area Coordinator for Photography, Texas State University

Vanessa Paumen (MA, Art History, 2002), Coordinator/Curator, Flemish Research Centre for the Arts in the Burgundian Netherlands, Groeningemuseum, Bruges, Belgium

Rowena Houghton Dasch (PhD, Art History, 2012), Executive Director, Neill-Cochran House Museum

Michael Wellen (PhD, Art History, 2012), Curator, International Art, Tate Modern, London, England

Pamela Franks (PhD, Art History, 2000), Senior Deputy Director and Seymour H. Knox, Jr. Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Yale University Art Gallery

Anne Collins Goodyear (PhD, Art History, 2002), Co-Director, Bowdoin College Museum of Art

Stephanie Hanor (PhD, Art History, 2003), Assistant Dean and Director, Mills College Art Museum, Oakland, CA

Nora (Miki) Garcia (MA, Art History, 1998), Director, Arizona State University Art Museum

Matthew H. Robb (MA, Art History, 1999), Chief Curator, Fowler Museum at UCLA

Susan V. Webster (PhD, Art History, 1992), Jane Williams Mahoney Professor of Art History, The College of William & Mary

Amelia Goerlitz (MA, Art History, 2003), Chair of Academic Programs, Smithsonian American Art Museum

Rex Koontz (PhD, Art History, 1994), Professor of Art History, Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts, University of Houston

Noah Simblist (PhD, Art History, 2015), Chair and Associate Professor, VCUarts Dept of Painting + Printmaking

Lynn Edward Boland (PhD, Art History, 2014), Director and Chief Curator, Gregory Allicar Museum of Art, Colorado State University

Jan Schall (PhD, Art History, 1989), Sanders Sosland Curator, Modern Art, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO

Wendy R. Salmond (PhD, Art History, 1989), Professor of Art History, Chapman University, Orange, CA

Christina Cogdell (PhD, Art History, 2001, Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Design, University of California at Davis

Lane Relyea (PhD, Art History, 2004), Associate Professor, Northwestern University

David A Cole (PhD, Art History, 1996), Executive Director, Hagley Museum and Library

Jackson Rushing III (PhD, Art History, 1989) Eugene B. Adkins Presidential Professor of Art History and Mary Lou Milner Carver Chair in Native American Art, The University of Oklahoma

Maria M. Malagon (PhD, Art History, 2006), Profesora titular, Universidad
Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Bogota, Colombia

Maureen Quigley (PhD, Art History, 2003), Chair, Department of Art & Design, University of Missouri – Saint Louis

Mickey Abel (PhD, Art History, 2001) Professor, Art History, University of North Texas

Caitlin Haskell (PhD, Art History, 2012), Associate Curator of Painting and Sculpture, SFMOMA

Roja Najafi (PhD, Art History, 2016), Curator, Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Anne Rudloff Stanton (PhD, Art History, 1992), Associate Professor, University of Missouri

Luis Vargas-Santiago (PhD, Art History, 2015), Researcher, Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas, UNAM, Mexico

Kristen Collins, (PhD, Art History, 2008) Curator of Manuscripts, J. Paul Getty Museum

Miriam Hall Kirch (PhD, Art History, 2003), Associate Professor, University of North Alabama

Eileen McKiernan Gonzalez (PhD, Art History, 2005), Associate Professor, Berea College

Heather Mathews (PhD, Art History, 2006), Associate Professor, Pacific Lutheran University

Regina Gee (PhD, Art History, 2003) Associate Professor, MSU Bozeman

Bart Exposito (MFA, Studio Art, 2000), Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico

Michael Schreyach (MA, Art History 1998) Associate Professor, Trinity University

Gina McDaniel Tarver (PhD, Art History, 2008), Associate Professor, Texas State University

Hallie Ringle (MA, Art History, 2013) Assistant Curator, The Studio Museum in Harlem

Susan Richmond (PhD, Art History, 2002), Associate Professor of Art History, Georgia State University

Nancy Floyd (BFA, 1982) Professor Emeritus, Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design, Georgia State University

Marianne Kinkel (PhD, Art History, 2001), Associate Professor, Washington State University

Leticia R. Rodriguez (PhD, Art History, 2016), Assistant Professor of Humanities, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul

Mari Rodriguez Binnie (PhD, Art History, 2017), Assistant Professor, Williams College

Michael D. Carrasco (PhD, Art History, 2005), Associate Professor, Florida State University

Beverly Adams (PhD, Art History, 2000) Curator of Latin American Art, Blanton Museum

Kency Cornejo (MA, Art History, 2007), Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico

Edith Wolfe (PhD, Art History 2005), Assistant Director, Stone Center for Latin American Studies, Tulane University

Mette Gieskes (PhD, Art History, 2006), Assistant Professor, Radboud University, the Netherlands

Jessamine Batario (MA, Art History, 2012), Vivian L. Smith Foundation Fellow, The Menil Collection, Houston

Anne Proctor, (PhD, Art History, 2013), Assistant Professor of Art and Architectural History, Roger Williams University

Bethany Johnson (MFA, 2011), Assistant Professor, Texas State University

Caitlin Earley (PhD, Art History, 2015), Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno

Ivo van der Graaff (PhD, Art History, 2013), Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire

Annabeth Headrick (PhD, Art History, 1997), Associate Professor of Art History, University of Denver

Sterling Allen, (BFA, Studio Art, 2003), Assistant Professor, Texas State University

Lea Cline (PhD, Art History, 2013), Assistant Professor, Illinois State University

Ruth Stanford (BFA, 2009), Associate Professor, Georgia State University

Holly Veselka (BFA, Studio Art, 2004; BA, Art History 2003), Assistant Professor, Texas State University

Michael Thomas (PhD, Art History, 2001), Director, Center for the Study of Ancient Italy, The University of Texas at Austin

Kelley Magill (PhD, Art History, 2014), University Programs Specialist, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Linda Briscoe Myers (MA, Art History, 1997), Research Associate, Harry Ransom Center

Brady James Plunger (MA, Art History, 2015) Assistant Curator of Education, The University of Iowa Museum of Art

Ray Hernández-Durán (BA, Psychology, 1988; BFA, Art History/Studio, 1990), Associate Professor, University of New Mexico

Florencia Bazzano (MA, Art History, 1990), Curatorial Research Associate, Blanton Museum of Art

Hayley McSwain (BFA, Studio Art, 2012), Studio and Gallery Programs Assistant, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Sarah Abare (MA, Art History), Education Programs Manager, Walker Art Center

Claire Howard (MA, 2012), Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Blanton Museum of Art

Ann Johns (PhD, Art History, 2000), Distinguished Senior Lecturer, The University of Texas at Austin

Kirk Nickel (MA, Art History, 2006), Assistant Curator of European Paintings, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Barbara Zabel (MA, Art History, 1972), Professor Emerita, Connecticut College

Katie Anania (PhD, Art History, 2016), Wallace Postdoctoral Fellow, Villa I Tatti, Harvard Center for Renaissance Studies

Jill Thrasher (MFA, 1996), Professor, Austin Community College Kate Green (PhD, Art History 2016), Curator, El Paso Museum of Art

James Housefield (MA, Art History, 1989), Associate Professor, Department of Design & Affiliated Faculty, Graduate Program in Art History, University of California, Davis; Curator of Special Projects, Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art, University of California, Davis

Tatiana Reinoza (Ph.D., Art History, 2016), Postdoctoral Fellow, Dartmouth College

Nayla K. Muntasser, (PhD, Art History, 2003) Managing Editor, The Oplontis Project Publications, The University of Texas at Austin

Amanda Douberley (PhD Art History, 2015), Assistant Curator/Academic Liaison, William Benton Museum of Art, University of Connecticut

Gillian Elliott (PhD, Art History, 2005) Art History Lecturer, George Washington University

Heidi Rempel (MA, Art History, 2003), Digital Project Archivist, SUNY Maritime College

Bryan Bayles (MA, Art History, 1994), Curator, Witte Museum

Monica Taylor (BA, Art History, 2015), Italy Site Specialist, International Studies Abroad

Valerie Chang (Plan II Honors, BA, Art History, 2017), Education Fellow, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art

David Newman (BFA, 1970; MFA, 1973), Gallery Director and Faculty, Brookhaven College

Lori Cavagnaro (PhD, Art History, 2000), Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives and Academic Planning, Emory College of Arts & Sciences, Emory University

Christina Macal (BA, Studio Art, 2011), Administration Assistant, Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Caitlin O’Beirne (BFA, Studio Art, 2017), Kusama Gallery Guide, Dallas Museum of Art

Maria Di Pasquale (PhD, Art History, 1999), Academic Advancement Director, University of Notre Dame

C.C. Marsh (PhD, Art History, 2018), Research Assistant, The Getty Research Institute

Adair Ewin (VAS, 2014), Tour Programs Coordinator, Kimbell Art Museum

Meghan Rubenstein (PhD, Art History, 2015), Curator of Visual Resources, Colorado College

Jana La Brasca (MA, Art History, 2016), Catalogue Raisonné Research Fellow, Judd Foundation

Laura A. L. Wellen (PhD, Art History, 2012), Independent Writer and Curator, Guatemala City

Judith Simonds (MFA, 1994), Associate Adjunct Professor, Austin Community College, Art Department

Annie Miller (MFA, 2016), Lecturer, Texas State University and UT-Austin

Hannah W. Wong (PhD, Art History, 2017), Independent scholar

Thomas Edwards (MA, Art History, 2016), Instructor, Austin Community College

Ryan Hawk (MFA, Studio Art, 2017) Adjunct Lecturer, St. Edwards University

Elvia Perrin (BFA, 1995), Lecturer of Art, Texas State University

Anastasia Rees (PhD, Art History 2017), Adjunct Lecturer, The University of Texas at Austin

Lisa Nigro (MFA, 1994), Adjunct Professor, Southwest School of Art

Jeffrey Marshall (BA, Studio Art, 2008), Independent curator

Laura Barth Turner (MFA, Studio Art, 2008), Lecturer, Texas State University

Leslie K. Brown (MA, Art History, 1995), Independent Curator & PhD Candidate, Boston University

Risa Puleo (MA, Art History, 2000), Independent curator

Ana Pozzi-Harris (PhD, Art History, 2007), Lecturer, University of North Georgia

Bonnie Casson-Deweese (MA, Art History, 2007), Director of College Match, KIPP Houston Public Schools

Erin Aldana (PhD, Art History, 2008), Independent scholar

Shannon Vanderhill (BFA, Design, 2013), UX Designer, 3M

Doris Bravo-Hieger (PhD, Art History, 2015), Manager of Arts Content, South Florida PBS

Christina Ruth Johnson, (MA, Art History, 2013), Art & Art History Teacher, Fine Arts Department Lead, Founders Classical Academy of Leander

Kate Dempsey Martineau (PhD, Art History, 2013), Independent scholar

Meg Rushing Coffee (BFA, 1992), Landscape Architect, UCLA Extension

Valerie Hellstein (MA, Art History, 2001), Independent scholar

Vladimir Mejia (BFA, Studio Art, 2014), Director, Co-Lab Projects

Anastasia Kirages (BA, Art History, 2010), Organizer, Zine Fest Houston

Nathan O’Neal (BFA, Studio Art, 2001) Senior Rights Analyst, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Chris Burch (BFA, Studio Art, 2014), Director of Education, Co-Lab Projects

Rita Daily (BFA, Studio Art, 2013), Art Director, Central Market

Patrick Phipps (BFA, 1991), Senior Thesis Advisor, School of the Woods

Jennie Lamensdorf (MA, Art History, 2011), Director and Curator, Time Equities Inc. Art-in-Buildings, NYC

Shannon Mercado (BFA, Studio Art, 2015), Taxidermist, Double Nickle Taxidermy

Melissa Marshall (BA, English, 2012), Special Education Teacher, KIPP Public Schools

Shawn Roberts (BFA, Studio Art, 2011), Executive Director, Live Oak Art Center

Laura Maxwell-Scott (BA, Theatre and Dance, 1999), Agent, Collier Talent Agency

Colleen Danaher (BA, Theatre and Dance, 2002) Stage Manager, Wicked National Tour

Lisa Crowder (BFA, Studio Art, 1999), Owner, Lisa Crowder Jewelry

Jonas Hart (MFA, Studio Art), Woodshop Technician, The University of Texas at Austin

Lauren Clemon (BFA, 2011) Art Teacher, Garland ISD

Danny Nouri (BFA, Studio Art, 2013), Producer

Stephanie Concepcion Ramirez (MFA, 2017), Artist

Brandon Heinley, (BFA, 1994), Owner, Heinley Design

Hallie Brewer (BA, Art History, 2013), Banker, Country Club Bank

Erik McRae (MA, Art History, 2007) RC Lead, Lyft

Veronica Kumpf (BFA, 2015), Finance/Budget Manager, ArtsPool-Brooklyn

Amy Angell (MA, Art History, 2017), Acquisitions Assistant, Heather James Fine Art

Ashley Tristán (BFA, Studio Art, 2014), Printmaker

Hayley Woodward (BA, Art History, 2013), PhD candidate, Tulane University

Joshua Gamma (BFA, Design; BA, Studio Art, 2009), MFA graduate student, Maryland Institute College of Art

Alison E. Singer (MA, Art History), PhD Candidate, University of Maryland, College Park

Caitlin DiMartino (MA, Art History, 2017), PhD student, Northwestern University

Elizabeth Upenieks, (BA, Art History, 2016), graduate student, UMass Amherst
Kristina Felix (MFA, 2010), Director of Operations, Eric Firestone Gallery

Bess Garison (BFA, Visual Art Studies 2014), Art Educator, Stratford High School, Spring Branch ISD

Nisha Bhatt (BFA, DESIGN, 2012), Communications & Design Lead

Edmo Martinez (BFA, Studio Art, 1987) Artist, Sunset Canyon Pottery

Rita Daily (BFA, Studio Art, 2013), Art Director for Central Market

Thomas Glassford (BFA, Studio Art, 1988), Artist, Mexico City

Olivia Martin Moore (MFA, 2011) Sculptor, Studio Olivia Martin Moore

Chelsea Weathers (PhD, Art History, 2013)

Rose Salseda (MA, Art History, 2009)

Jill Wood (BFA, Studio Art, 1996 and MLIS, 2001)

Sally Coleman (PhD, Art History, 2003)

Caroline Huddleston Haley (BA, Art History, 2003)

Claire Huschle (MA, Art History, 1999)

Alexis Kraus (MFA, Design, 2014)

Lauren Vinette (BFA, 2014)

E Brooke Gassiot (BFA, Studio Art, 2005)

Anne Riley (BFA, 2012), Artist, Vancouver, BC

Beranger LeFranc, (MA, Art Education, 2015)

David Wyatt (BFA, Studio Art, 1995)

Emily Kelly (MA, Art Education, 2013)

Owen McAuley (MFA, 2003)

Lindsey Bailey (BFA, Studio Art, 2008)

Cristin Cash (PhD, Art History, 2005)

Lisset Cantu, (BFA, Studio Art, 2009)

Jessie Otto Hite (MA, 1983)

Anna Lydon (BFA, 2014)

Anthony Sonnenberg (BA, Studio Art, 2009)

Katherine E Mason (BFA, 2012)

Krista Norman (BFA, Studio Art, 2012)

Layne Bell (BFA, 2014)

Katharine Butler (BFA, Studio Art, 2012)

Kathleen Hudspeth (BFA, 2000)

Zeineb Alieva (BFA, 2014)

Andrea Pramuk (MFA, 1994)

Clarissa Gonzalez (BFA, Studio Art, 2013)

Rebekah Miracle (BA, 1993)

Emily Pietrowski (MA, 2013)

Patrick Pettersson (BFA, Studio Art, 1994)

Oliva Bransom (BFA, 2012)

Hannah Bligh (BFA, Studio Art, 2013

Chantal Wnuk (BFA, Studio Art, 2012)

Patricia Kelley (BA, 1999)

Sarah Milbrath (BFA, 2011)

Pehr Smith (MFA,1990)

Carolyn Porter (BFA, Studio Art, 1996)

Nadyne Ikbal Wood (BFA, Studio Art, 2000)

Iva Kinnaird (BFA, 2014), Artist

Nicole Dodillet (BA, Fine Arts, 2017)

Jessilee Shipman (BFA, Studio Art, 2017)

Zack Smith (BFA, Studio Art, Fine Arts Council President, 2013)

Rebecca Milton (BFA, Studio Art, 2018)

Erik Parker (BFA, 1996)

Zachery Ingram (MFA, 2017)

Caleigh Taylor (BFA, Visual Arts Studies, 2015)

Sue McCallum Melton (BA, 1975)

Anna Pedersen, (BFA, Studio Art, 2017)

Jennifer Austin (BFA, Studio Art, 2012)

Heather Anne Thomas Longo (BFA and BA, 1998)

Stephanie Nordlund (MA, Art Education, 2016)

Mala Kumar (BFA, Design, 2011)

Michelle Hefner (BA, 1989)

Maria (Indelicato) Strong (BA, Art History, 2009)

Samantha Parker Salazar (MFA, 2014)

Shelby Johnston (BA, Art History, 2016)

Lauren Doan (BFA, Studio Art, 2010)

Ben Brandt (MFA, 2012)

Colette Clendaniel (BFA, Studio Art, 2013)

Candace Briceño (BFA, Studio Art, 1994)

Anna Krachey (MFA, Studio Art, 2008)

Kathy Favor (BFA, Studio Art, 1993-94)

Rachel Bueno (2014)

Pilar Tompkins Rivas (BFA, BA, 1997)

George Brainard, (BA, Studio Art, 1993

Chloe Barnett (MA, Art History, 2009)

Shane Sullivan (BFA, 1996; MFA, 2002)

Adria Palinsky (BFA, Studio Art, 2012)

Kelly Chen (BFA, Studio Art, 2006)

Chelsea Freestone (Visual Art Studies, 2017)

Kathryn St. Clair (BFA, Studio Art, 1993)

Lauren Hamer (MA, Art History, 2011)

Taylor Smith (BFA, Studio Art, 2014)

Annie Simpson (BFA, Studio Art, 1999)

Lacey Thurmond, (MFA, 2015)

Allison Swarr (BFA, 2016)

Kayaneh Wood (MA, 2004)

Erin Feil (BA, Theatre and Dance, 2010)

Rachel Kunz (BA, Theatre and Dance, 2004)

Ali Fitzgerald (MFA, 2007)

Sherry Smith (MA, Art History, 1990)

Cassondra Huckle (BA, Art History, 2016)

Austin Lancaster (BFA, Studio Art, 2012)

Tracy O’Quinn (BA, 1995)

Lillian Byrd (BFA, Studio Art, 2015)

Jennifer Bishop (BA, Art History, 1993)

Caitlin Halloran (MFA, Studio Art, 2017)

Violet Hopkins (MFA, 1996)

Violet Hopkins (MFA, 1996)

Idzel Jaimes (BA, Studio Art, 2011)

Carolyn Louise Donnell (BA, 1970)

Julia Caswell (BFA, 2017)

Dylan Sutton (BFA, 2014)

Erin Miller (BFA, Studio Art, 2016)

Kathleen Schowalter (MA, Art History, 1998)

TJ Hunt (BFA, Studio Art; BA, Art History, 2010)

Natalie Bradford (BFA, 2016)

Jason Alan Goldstein (PhD, Art History, 2017)

Samantha Pavich (BA, 2017)

Gilles Heno-Coe (MA, Art History, 2017)

Jeffrey Primeaux (BFA, Studio Art, 1998)

Sarah Bartholow (BA, Art History, 2004)

Lana Waldrep-Appl (BFA, Studio Art, 2007)

Jerry DeFrese (BFA, 1973)

Zachary Meisner (MFA, Studio Art, 2017)

Christopher Wood (MA, Art History, 2017)

Stephanie Concepsion Ramirez (MFA, 2017)

Julia Maffei (BFA, 1988; MA, 2005)

Julian Pozzi (BFA, Studio Art, 1997)

Gillian Rhodes (BFA, 2011)

Jaime Salvador Castillo (BFA, Studio Art, 2005)

Paula Bossa (MA, Art History, 2011)

UT-Austin Alumni Outside of the College of Fine Arts

Robert Craig Bunch (MLIS 1994), Assistant Librarian, McNay Art Museum, San Antonio

James Foster (MLIS, 1992), Librarian, UT-Austin

Greg Barnhisel (PhD, English, 1999), Professor and Chair of English Department, Duquesne University

Matthew Hedstrom (PhD 2006, American Studies), Associate Professor, University of Virginia

Penelope Anne Speier (BSFA, 1966), Executive Director, 04ARTS Foundation for Arts in Education

Genevieve Mitchell (Corporate Finance, 2015), Senior Analyst, Springhill Consulting Group

Rainey Knudson (MBA, 1997), Publisher, Glasstire

Lori Malick (BS, Advertsing, 2005), Director of Design & UX, Front Gate Tickets

Todd Moye (PhD, US History, 1999), Professor of History, University of North Texas

Pete Gershon (MLIS), Core Program Coordinator, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Shannon O’Malley (MA, Advertising), Sr. Communications Strategist, Kalamuna

Elaine Schele (PhD, Latin American Studies, 2012), Austin Community College

Matt Stites (BA, English, 2012), Copywriter, Future 500

Monica Kortsha (Biology/Journalism, 2012), Science Writer

Morgyn Utzman (Radio-Television-Film, 2016), Freelance Writers’ Assistant

Margaret Tenney (MSIS) Head Harry Ransom Center Reading Room, 2000-2015

Terry Schuster (JD, 2009), Officer, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Christine Adame (BS, Architectural Studies, 2012), MFA candidate, UT

Heather Curiel (Photojournalism, 2008), Photographer

Martha Ward (BS, 1966)

Shea Carley (BA, Anthropology, 2012) Margaret Thompson (JD, 2013)

Nikki Griffith (Marketing, 2003) Jessica Braun (M. Arch, 2008)

Hilaria Cruz (PhD, Linguistics, 2014)

William Graham (BBA, 1999)

Austin Feldman (BA, Government, 2014)

Paul Palacios (BS, Communications, 1987)

Philip Gibbs (BBA, Finance, 1999)

Sarah Marsh (RN, CNM, MSN, MPH, School of Nursing, 2015)

Sandra J. Shaw (MA, Latin American Studies, 1984)

Jennifer Waisath Harris (BA, Government; 1995; MA, Journalism, 2002)

Kathleen Perry (BBA, 1985)

Adam J. Kohlhepp (PhD, English, 1999)

Bryony Wheatley (BBA, Finance, 1993)

Nelson Millan (English, 2018)

Christopher Salinas (BA, Liberal Arts)

Samantha Bhatty (Geography, 2002)

Rebecca Roberts (MLIS, 2000)

Felicia Jean Steele (PhD, English, 2001)

Aaron Winslow (BA, American Studies, 1993; MLIS, 1996)

Julie Garbus, (PhD, English, 2002)

Kelsey Scroggins (BBA, 2004)

Linda Migliaccio Nash (BS, 1995)

Paula Bossa (MA, Art History, 2011)

Current UT-Austin students

Sarag Fagan, MFA graduate student

Kristen Hotopp, MS graduate student, Historic Preservation

Grace Sparapani, MA graduate student, Art History

Allison Myers, PhD candidate, Art History

Tugrul Acar, MA graduate student, Art History

Elizabeth Welch, PhD Candidate, Art History

Marisa LaGuardia, MFA graduate student

Taylor Bradley, PhD candidate, Art History

Julia Elizabeth Neal, PhD candidate, Art History

Catherine Nuckols, MA graduate student, Art History

Dorothy Jean McKetta, PhD candidate, Art History

Allison Kim, PhD candidate, Art History, The University of Texas at Austin

Phillip Townsend, PhD candidate, Art History

Cristobal Jacome-Moreno, PhD candidate, Art History

Elizabeth Tuggle, MA graduate student, Art History

Oscar Rivera, BFA student, Studio Art

Angelica Allen, PhD candidate, African and African Diaspora Studies

Alexis Salas, PhD candidate, Art History

Josh Conrad, PhD student, Architecture

Rachel De Guzman, BFA student, Design and Studio Art

Brooke Frank, MFA Candidate, Studio

Donato Loia, PhD student, Art History Kara Carmack, PhD candidate, Art
History Ariel Jackson, MFA candidate

Kate Alice Hamilton, MA graduate student, Art History

Supporters Outside of UT-Austin

Suzanna Cavender Marcela Reyes

Amelia Malagamba Ansótegui

Lindsey Ford

Spencer Cook

Brittani Broussard

Michael Short, Artist, Michael Short Art

JP Maxwell, President, Fibercove, Inc

Laurence Miller, Co-Founder & Director at Fluent~Collaborative

Laura Sturtz, Faculty, ACC

Richard Mansfield, Staff/Faculty Sculpture Tech, The University of Texas at Austin


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