Remote Storage Exhibition

Remote Storage

Sean Ripple, former curator at the Contemporary Austin, has an exhibition up now at Dirty Dark Place in Kyle titled “Remote Storage”, which aims to bring attention to the dismantling of the Fine Arts Library.

“For REMOTE STORAGE, Ripple has made a triptych peasant scene or genre view for the internet-enabled age, using 39 books from The University of Texas at Austin’s Fine Arts Library (FAL), the same 39 books from his personal collection, and Tumblr. Inspired by Bruegel’s painting The Triumph of Death, the Kyle Flea Market, and the University’s decision to transfer close to 60% of FAL’s titles to an offsite storage facility, the work is primarily a meditation on trauma, death, and loss as they relate to the rise of digital culture.

During the exhibition run, the 39 books from the FAL will be on view at DDP behind a locked glass door on Saturdays and Sundays. Mondays through Thursdays, Ripple will hold public viewing hours inside the FAL using his own personal copies of the 39 books. He will also be digitizing various titles from the stacks during this time and will be requesting participation from the public to help him with this task.

At the end of the exhibition run, Ripple intends for the books from the Fine Arts Library to be returned in an effort to archive/bury a portion of his peasant scene within the tomb of the academy.”

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