Individual Statements

UT School of Architecture Student

“My reaction is two-fold. On a personal level, I’m in the School of Architecture and my most regular use of Fine Arts was to check out DVDs. The huge advantage was being able, on a impulse, to go in and check out several videos that moment. I haven’t checked out a single DVD in two semesters b/c they moved them off-site. It doesn’t seem like that big of barrier, but for me at least it has been.

Second, it seems like we’re in the midst of a battle over the soul of the library’s mission. I think it is imperative that in an age of algorithmic preferences and other computer-based preferences models there be a place where students can go view materials that they would not otherwise think to read/view. The experience of walking into the stacks on a mission to find a single volume almost never ends with only the discovery of that book. I think this experience is fairly common and is crucial to maintaining curiosity, openness, and cross-disciplinary connections that mark the best scholarship.”

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