Individual Statements

North Hennepin Community College Faculty Member

“A library is a treasure trove of knowledge, organized so that relevant material is within reach of any given research topic. Digital searches can never replicate that. One cannot search for what does not know one is looking for. Faculty and students are ever more pressed for time. Moving the library off campus will deter research, and make valuable, detailed, and involved topics impossible with this frustrating, cumbersome system.Making books unreachable is how you kill scholarship and the furtherance of knowledge. One cannot quickly consult a volume to answer a fact-checking question in a wider, detailed research project if that volume is inaccessible. This is a terrible hindrance to faculty and graduate students with a publishing deadline.Without books on campus, how do you propose to attract serious scholars as faculty and promising students? Even for undergrads, the possibility of graduating in a timely manner is greatly reduced by this short-sighted, expensive, and ridiculously byzantine method of “book delivery”.In a given online book, try to find a certain quotation in the same amount of time as a print version of that book. Keep track of how much longer it takes. Going through a text online ALWAYS takes longer. What if your internet is slow that day? what if the electricity is out?”

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