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UT students, faculty protest removal of books from Fine Arts library

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Library Faces Unpleasant Future

The Libraries Must be Preserved – The Daily Texan

UT Library Dismantled

Dallas Morning News – Demise of FAL

Sans Cowl – ArtForum

Florida Polytechnic University Opens With a “Bookless” Library

UT Students Won’t Give Up – Glasstire

Students Protest at SXSW Edu – The Daily Texan

Week 3 of Strike Against Pension Cuts & “Marketization” of Higher Ed

Blanton Museum Curators Send Letter to UT Austin Protesting the Gutting of UT’s Fine Arts Library / Blanton Museum curators issue public letter challenging changes to UT’s Fine Arts Library

Trashed UNH books rile professors

It’s Time To Worry When Colleges Erase Humanities Departments

UW-Madison Plan to Create Six “Hubs,” Close 22 Libraries

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